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Fashionable Cane Accessories - Mini Rubber Base

  • Model:MS-MBS-16-BK
  • Inner Dimension:

Product Introduction

<Free-standing Mini Rubber Base> - Upgrade Your Sense of Security and Mobility

Don’t you think the large bases of regular quad canes are a bit excessive? If you do, then convert your standard cane into a movement-friendly, free-standing quad cane with our mini rubber base, which provides the same sense of security of a four point cane.

There are three sizes of the inner dimension which can match most of the canes: 16mm/ 19mm/ 22mm.

Product Notes

<Merry Sticks Walking Canes Brand Film>

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Stylish Canes   "Stylish Canes" is an authorized brand name by Merry Sticks solely in Indonesia.

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